• This image of the Angel Oak is a composite of 4 high resolution (61 megapixel) images.  The image was made in late summer after a night of rain which increased the color saturation.
    The Angel Oak
  • This high resolution composite image of the Angel Oak was taken in late winter when the lush growth on the tree's trunk and limbs had died back.  The structure of the tree is much more visible this time of year, and results in an image (whether in color or black and white) that is more about the tree's structure than images taken in the late spring and summer when the tree appears much more lush and alive.
    The Angel Oak
  • This palmetto tree was photographed on the grounds of the old mansion located in the ACE Basin Waterfowl Refuge near Edisto Island, South Carolina.
    ACE Basin Palmetto
  • Old Sheldon Church Ruins
    Not For Sale
  • This location drew my attention because of the solid layer of green duckweed contrasted against the blue sky revealed by the clearing storm clouds.  I originally envisioned this image as a black and white, but loved the color contrast when I was processing the RAW captures.
    Cypress Swamp
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