Producing high quality and creative shadowbJack_Shadowbox_JPEG.jpgoxes for athletic jerseys and pet memorials has become a large part of my business.  My shadowboxes are all fully custom, and are a far cry from the more common "pin" the items into a rectangular box with a colored background.  My shadowboxes are double or triple matted with the mats "out front" framing the items as they should be.  I incorporate the client's desired images and other items in well thought out designs.  My ability to take a client's images (whether in print Simpkins_Shadowbox.jpg
or digital form) and restore, enhance, crop and print the images on fine art paper adds a professional touch to the pieces.  Most importantly, the use of fine art inks and papers, as well as conservation quality materials in the framing process, assures that these pieces will last for decades.