After handling many photo restoration projects for friends and family, I decided to offer photo restoration and printing to my customers.  Because each project is so different, each project must be quoted independently.  All quotes, however, are based on a charge of $50 per hour for the scanning and restoration work, plus the charge for the printing based on the quantity and size of prints ordered.  In most cases, the restoration process takes between 30 minutes and an hour.  If a customer's project also involves having the print or prints framed, a complete package price will be quoted with an overall discount from the sum of the normal charge for each aspect of the project.  You will always have a quote with a maximum charge (where the length of time involved in the restoration process is uncertain) before any work is done.

Old family photographs, restored and framed, given to all family members make very special Christmas and anniversary gifts.  In most cases, the finished pieces are far more affordable than you may think.  In many cases, it is possible to have an old black and white image restored, printed as an 8 x 10, and framed in a basic black frame with a 2" wide 8 ply mat (with UV blocking glass) for no more than $125.