Years ago I was asked by an artist friend if I could reproduce a painting.  After some research, I discovered that my Mamiya RZ67 medium format system with a Phase One high resolution digital back was the same system (or better in some cases) than the camera systems used by some of the well known art reproduction studios.  I also discovered that my large format Epson printers were the same printers used by many of those studios.  As a result, a new segment of my business was born.

Since that first painting, I have reproduced almost 500 original paintings and drawings.  During that process, I have developed my own methods for capturing the original image, and for color correcting the file for output on specific media.  Many of my methods are different from the "industry standard", but I believe my results speak for themselves.  While I am very happy with my ability to generate a reproduction which is as close to "color correct" as the color space of my printers will allow, I am constantly trying to get even closer.  As the color space of the Epson ink sets has expanded over the years, my results have gotten better and better.  The detail and range of the files captured by the Phase One digital back is outstanding!

While smaller originals may involve a single image, most originals are shot in sections to generate files which are at least 300 ppi at the original size of the artwork.