• This image was made on the world famous Ocean Course at Kiawah Island, South Carolina.
    Palmetto Tree with Full Moon
  • This image of a lone Palmetto tree was taken on the world famous Ocean Course at Kiawah Island, South Carolina.
    Kiawah Island Palm Tree
  • These famous ruins are located just outside the small South Carolina town of Yemassee.  This image is a composite of 4 high resolution 61 megapixel images taken with a Phase One P65+ digital back on a Mamiya RZ67 camera body.
    Old Sheldon Church Ruins
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  • I discovered this barn in western North Carolina one day when taking a mandatory detour off of the Blue Ridge Parkway.  I have tried to locate the barn again in recent years with no success.  I'm sure it is still there - somewhere.

    The Truth
  • These live oaks are located on the grounds of the old plantation house on the grounds of the ACE Basin Wildlife Refuge near Edisto Island, South Carolina.
    ACE Basin Live Oaks
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  • Cataloochee Valley - Great Smoky Mountain National Park
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  • Dallas Divide near Ridgeway, Colorado
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  • Mid Summer Night Storm at Garden City, South Carolina
  • This cascade is overlooked by most people.  It is located approximately 1/4 mile below the famous Sliding Rock outside of Brevard, North Carolina.  There are several great cascades in this area below Sliding Rock.
    North Carolina Waterfall
  • Another one of the great cascades located several hundred yards below Sliding Rock near Brevard, North Carolina.
    Cascade near Brevard, North Carolina
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  • OK, if you are a fan of nature photography, you have probably seen this image hundreds of times by hundreds of different  photographers.  So the question arises - why would I take it and publish it?  Simple - all of the greats like Ansel Adams have taken this image.  When you try to take this image composed to show the river running all the way out of the frame at the bottom, you learn that there is only one spot to set your tripod to show the river all the way to the bottom of the image.  What that means is that when you take the image from that spot, you are standing exactly where Ansel Adams and many other great photographers have stood in the past taking the same image. 
    Lower Falls - Yellowstone National Park
  • A late season shot of Pearson Falls near Saluda, North Carolina.  This image was made right after most of the leaves had fallen.  Pearson Falls is a great place to visit.  Easy access, great facilities and only a short, easy hike from the parking area.  Definitely worth a visit.
    Pearson Falls - Saluda, North Carolina
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  • Bryce Canyon is often overlooked when compared to other parks in Utah such as Zion and Arches.  To me, Bryce Canyon is the photo gem of all of them.  A truly incredible site to watch the light change in the canyon.  If you are in southwest Utah, do not pass up a chance to see Bryce Canyon!
    Bryce Canyon National Park - Utah
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  • While there are many great angles to photograph these incredible ruins, this is one of the most popular.  Unfortunately, this angle is not as good as it used to be as part of the large branch on the left of the column broke off several years ago.
    Old Sheldon Church Ruins
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  • Botany Bay, South Carolina
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  • Storm Clouds off of Isle of Palms, South Carolina
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